Sunday, 29 March 2015

Life Lately #03.15

Well it's nearly the end of March already.  How can this be???  If you're new to the blog, my life lately posts are a once a month series where I basically tell you what's going on in my life.  Kind of like what's in my hand bag but way more personal.  You can read February HERE and January HERE.

Getting Help
If you have read my blog recently, you will know I have been having a battle with anxiety/depression /stress.  I visited my doctor, who was very good to me.  I told my need to know people at work and it's been great... they have been very supportive which I have really appreciate.  It feels good that they have taken me seriously, plus it may or may not make changes to our department.  We all are quite stressed and I think my openness and honesty has made others see the light.  I've made a vow to myself to no longer stay late as it is not healthy, plus it affects a lot more of my life.  See below...

Following on from the depression part above, my motivation for exercise and clean eating has plummeted.  I think it's a side affect of not really caring or having the actual time to care.  My belly now feels like it's got a spare tyre attached to it.  I've been eating semi good, but biscuits and chocolate plus a Chinese have been my friends.  As for exercise I haven't moved much to be honest...and I'm annoyed at myself for that.  I need to get my arse in gear!

I'm excited to announce I have got my first ever sewing machine!  Not exciting for some but for me I've been lusting after one for quite a while.  I haven't used a machine since about year 9 of secondary school... so quite a while.  I only got it yesterday and I've already managed to sewing some bits using a donated old shirt from the hubby.  I can't wait to sew more .... what to do what to do????  I'm also doing a small sewing class after work in April with a company called Sew Over It.  They do a mixture of classes depending on skills etc and they are small groups of about 8-10 people.  Really looking forward to that.... bring it on.

New Blog
I was looking at my blog thinking there is quite a lot going on.  Food, fitness beauty, need I go on.  Well I've decided to make a second blog dedicated to the creative side of me.  Baking, sewing...etc.  Obviously it's new so we are kind of in the construction phase but I think it'll be good.  Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' are all up and running.  Just need to build my site and write some posts.  I will write a future blog post with instructions soon!

Out With The Old
I don't know if it's due to spring coming but I really want to spring clean.  Not just my house, but everything in it.  I keep staring at my makeup thinking 'if I don't use you, I should ditch you'.  It's also the same with my clothes and random house decor.  I own too much of everything and I really want to down size.  Who wants to buy my makeup collection from me?

Tea My Dear
Today I'm off with the hubby for afternoon tea.  I haven't had a 'proper' afternoon tea for ages.  We're going to the Milestone Hotel in Kensington...posh hey.  I do like a good old afternoon tea....finger sandwiches, scones cream and jam....CAKE!!!  I've never heard of the Milestone before but I'll take pictures and share with you later on.                            


p.s. my next life I want to come back as a cat!!


Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Fitness DVDs

I love working out in my own living room.  No hefty gym fees are involved which is a blessing.  All you need is a mat for the floor (mine are wooden so it's a must), some hand weights and a TV/DVD player... then you're ready to go.   Simples!!!

I've added two new fitness DVDs to my collection and I thought I'd share and review what they are.

Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz | Buy HERE
I'd heard such excellent things about this fitness DVD plus the Amazon reviews had nothing but praise for it.  I also got a personal recommendation from a work colleague who raved about it.  SOLD!  The easiest part of this is slipping it into the DVD player, from there onward you will be dripping like you are in a sauna and completely out of breath.  If you are a fan of cardio and HIIT which happens in short bursts only lasting 3 minutes (yep 3 minutes...  that's right!) then buy this now!!!!   Charlotte has two trainers with her doing both hard and easy options of the exercises and there are 12 workouts which are 3 minutes long.  You can either do them all or pick and chose what you want.  Now Charlotte looks hot right.... So it obviously works given time.

Davina 7 Minute Fit | Buy HERE
Before I got this one I had recently got the 'Fit in 15',  which I loved.  Due to loving that one I had no hesitation in popping this one in my Amazon basket thinking it would similar.  In all honesty I hate this DVD. Davina and her trainer just don't get well plus the exercises are not going to work you into a sweat.  This is perfect if you are just starting or returning to exercise,  but if you are already quite fit.... Give it a miss.  You'll be bored... I live Davina and all her other fitness DVD where she was joined by her trainers Mark and Jackie... There was good chemistry and flow but this just falls flat.  I barely broke a sweat which isn't a good sign in my books.  This gets a thumbs down from me which is a shame.

Do you work out at home??  Got any favourites you like to wat


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Home Made Popcorn + Chocolate

We all love a cheeky snack don't we?  Sometimes it doesn't have to be a naughty snack,  but it can be a healthy one with a little something naughty added to it.  I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate and I also love popcorn.  Oh yes chocolate and popcorn two of my favourite treats yum yum.

To me popcorn isn't too bad, trust me there are worse things you can eat.... I could name plenty if you'd let me.  Anyway... I am a sucker for salty popcorn goodness.  It is seriously addicting.  Instead of buying a packet of ready made popcorn I opted to make my own.  It was a little more time  consuming but we'll worth it and fun!

To make this all you need is... 

* A large sauce pan and a lid for it. 
* One TBS of cooking oil (you can use anything - except olive) 
* A bag of kernels
* Some salt (optional) 
* Chocolate of your choice - I used dark :-)
* Another pan, hot water, a heat proof bowl plus a wooden spoon (this will be your banmarie)
* A large baking tray

How to make it is easy.

In your pan,  place your TBS of oil and add about 1/2 cup of the kernels (more if you desire).  Make sure the kernels get a light coating of oil. Then pop on your lid.. Cook it on a medium heat.

You'll soon hear popping.  Every now again pick the pan up,  holding down the lid and give it a shake and replace back on the heat.   The is no 'ready' time just until the is no more popping or the popcorn is busting out of the pan... You can always lift the lid to see.. but be careful.

Take off heat and leave for a few minutes. Then lift the lid and sprinkle on your salt.  Replace the lid and shake.   You can now eat it if you want but I'm covering mine in chocolate.

Melt your chocolate in a banmarie,  whilst it's melting place your popcorn on a baking sheet as flat as possible.  Once the chocolate had melted you can you use a fork to dribble on your chocolate.  Once your happy with the way it looks... Leave it to cool.

You're done..... now eat!!!!

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